Improving Governance and Fighting Corruption - New Frontiers in Public-Private Partnerships


"Improving Governance and Fighting Corruption: New Frontiers in Public-Private Partnerships" was a two-day event in Brussels, Belgium, organized by the World Bank Institute, OECD, and the Belgian government. It centered on the challenges of creating good governance with the cooperation of the private sector. With more than 400 participants from countries around the world, this event integrated innovative use of technology with an interactive, results-oriented conference format with the hope of creating concrete recommendations for future work.

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04/10/07 01:56 PM Catch up on Improving Governance with streaming video
Long report of interventions, speeches, and the breakout room discussions is now available through streaming video. Read more
04/02/07 02:40 PM The conference ends, and the real work begins
Now that "Improving Governance and Fighting Corruption" has drawn to a close, participants have the opportunity to reflect on what was said, and how to continue action on the issues raised. Read more
03/26/07 10:31 AM 24-hour videoconference final recommendations now available
During the twelve videoconference sessions, students from around the world made their recommendations. These five were most discussed, and were presented to leaders and policymakers in Brussels on March 15th. Read more
03/15/07 03:40 PM Final remarks: Karel De Gucht
The final remarks of "Improving Governance and Fighting Corruption" came from Karel De Gucht, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Belgium. Read more
De Gucht
03/15/07 03:30 PM Closing address: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
The closing address to the conference came from the President of the Republic of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Read more

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